11am-9pm Lazar Tag 

 11am-9pm Western Shoot Out  

12-7pm Antique Tractor display (Greater MN Two Cylinder Club)

7pm PIG Races

1-7pm  Twisted Chick Balloon Twisting and Airbrush Tattoo

3-5pm Sailor Jerri Acoustics and Autograph signing

6-10pm Sue's Variety Band



11am-9pm Lazar Tag

 11am-9pm Western Shoot Out  

12:30 "Smear"  card tournament 

1pm PIG Races

1-7   Twisted Chick Balloon Twisting and Airbrush Tattoo 

2-7pm  Antique Auto Show  (Lone Eagles)

4pm PIG Races

6pm Twisted Chick Balloon twisting and Variety Show

7-11pm Sweet Siren Band 




11am-9pm Lazar Tag

11am-9pm Western Shoot Out  

11am Twisted Chick Balloon Twisting, Variety Show

11am-? Come paint with GRA Mural Painting  and other live demonstrations
12-3 pm Paw Patrol
12 pm S.G.Edelwiss  German Dancing

12:30 "500" Card tournament

12:30-1:30 Milking Contest 

1pm PIG Races

1-10pm Bingo

1:30-2pm S.G.Edelwiss  German Dancing
3:00-3:30 S.G.Edelwiss  German Dancing

4pm PIG Races
4-6pm Paw Patrol
4:30-5 S.G.Edelwiss  German Dancing

7-11pm Red Letter Band