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Join the Morrison County Agricultural Society Today!!!!

We are looking for interested persons who would like to join the Morrison County Ag Society. The MC Ag Society facilitates all activities at the Morrison County Fair Grounds and Event Center in Little Falls.  (Two Cylinder Show, Antique Car Show, Kinship Safety Day Camp, UBR Horse Shows, Man Vs Beast Rodeo, Moto Cross Races, Winter Storage, Arts and Craft Parking, Camping , Annual Morrison County Fair and much more…) Just print off the share holder for and mail in today. share-holder 

Annual Sponsorship Campaign

Entrance Sign letters

Purpose Statement in bylaws of the Morrison County Agricultural Society:

The purpose of the Society shall be:

1.) To promote agriculture throughout Morrison County by holding an annual county fair.

2.) To Provide exhibit space for display of arts, skills, science,health and welfare information.

3.) To encourage county participation, public and commercial exhibitors to participate in the annual fair.

4.) To encourage participation of county talent and skills for entertainment programs at the annual fair.

5.) To promote encourage and aid county organizations such as 4-H Clubs, FFA, scouts,church groups,school clubs etc. to show and perform at the annual fair, and to provide such organizations with the opportunity to raise funds by operating food stands and revenue generating games.


Morrison County Agricultural Society  Board of Directors

Diane Peterson

Clint Kathrein

Eric Hanfler

Franki Lorenz

Greg Colombe

KH ‘Charlie’ Gunderson

Lon Johnson

Larry Ehoff

Birdie Pederson

Meghan Hollermann

Patrick Alexander

Jeanette Watland

President – Clint Kathrein

Vice President – KH “Charlie” Gunderson

Secretary- Larry Ehoff

Treasurer – Lon Johnson

The Morrison County Agricultural Society would like to thank all the VOLUNTEERS who make the County Fairgrounds a success. With all the hard work and dedication this volunteer organization is able to provide a place for community events/activities to take place. Thank you to the county, townships, municipals, and personal donations given each year that help keep Your County Fair alive.

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